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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

SQm peripheral water pump differs from QB series in the water inlet, left side for SQm series and front side for QB series. The other configurations and performances are the same for these two series.

Hydraulic Performance Curve

Technical Parameters

This product adopts single phase asynchronous motor and peripheral impeller, and it has compact structure with small size and light weight. The integration of motor and water pump is achieved, and single mechanical seal using ceramic/graphite/nitrile butadiene rubber is the motive seal while oil resisting rubber ring is the static seal for rabbet. In addition, the power, maximum flow and maximum head ranges are 0.34~0.75kW, 1.6~3m3/h and 33~60m, respectively.

This water pump is able to process clean water without abrasive particles, and other non-aggressive liquids are also applicable. This product is suitable for irrigation as well as domestic use, and it can also be used to deliver water in combination with small pressure sets. In addition, please install this machine in enclosed places, or protection device should be used to keep it away from harsh weather.

1. Pump body: Cast iron
2. Motor bracket: Aluminum
3. Impeller: Brass
4. Shaft with rotor: Stainless steel or CS45#
5. Mechanical seal: Ceramic-graphite
6. Copper winding

Working Conditions
1. Suction height: Up to 8 meters
2. Liquid temperature: Up to 40℃
3. Ambient temperature: Up to 40℃
4. Max. working pressure: 6 bar

1. 2-pole induction motor: 50Hz
2. Protection rating: IP44
3. Insulation class: B
4. With capacitor and thermal overload protection

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