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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

WQ(D)S stainless steel submersible sewage pump contains three parts, motor, water pump and sealing parts. The water pump has a structure of vortex (or single blade half-open type) impeller-volute, and it is set under the motor which is single or three phase asynchronous type. The motive seal between motor and water pump is mechanical seal, and the static seal for rabbet is oil resistant rubber O ring. In this way, the reliability of our machine is ensured.

The rotor shaft is made of stainless steel which can guarantee the reliable mechanical strength of the shaft, and the abrasion and corrosion resisting properties are both improved. In addition, it also facilitates the disassembly and maintenance of impeller. The suitable medium is liquid with mud, sand, short fiber, paper scrap and other solid particles as well as soft solids. For example, sewage, excrement, mud water, grey water, domestic waste water, etc.

Depending on the features above, this sewage pump is widely used in industry, mine, agriculture, environment protection, building construction, etc. Meanwhile, it is also the ideal product for desilting of pool as well as irrigation and drainage of farmland. But, it is not suitable for places that have anti-explosion requirements.

Working Conditions
This sewage pump is able to work normally and continually under these conditions.
1. Liquid temperature: Lower than +40℃
2. Liquid PH: 4~10
3. Max. density of liquid: 1.2×103kg/m3
4. Voltage fluctuation range: ±10% of rated voltage
5. Submersion depth: ≤5 meters

Model Instruction

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