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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Intelligent frequency converter circulation pump is APS series, and it is our latest product. This innovative product has an auto-adapter which is used to automatically monitor the heating system and to find the optimum setting, then the operation is adjusted. Permanent magnetic motor is equipped, and it is integrated with frequency converter technology.

Control Panel

Performance Curve

Technical Data

1. This circulation pump is an energy saving machine, and it generates very low noise.
2. Auto-adaptor control mode is default setting, and this mode is suitable for most of the practical applications.
3. Frequency converter is integrated, and differential pressure control (specific and constant pressure control) is also applied.
4. The motor is designed using permanent magnet/compact stator technology, and automatic night setback function is also available.
5. The power display reveals true power consumption in watts (P1).
6. Our product has a compact structure, and the control box is set on the pump head.

SHIMGE is a professional intelligent frequency converter circulation pump manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including self-priming jet pump, peripheral water pump, submersible sewage pump, 4" deep well pump, and much more.

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