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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Electronic adjustable speed circulation pump is XPE series, and it is a high end canned motor pump developed on the basis of common canned pump. The motor applied is canned motor with IP rating of IP44, and its insulation class is H. In addition, the power supply for the motor is 110V~220V, 50/60Hz. This high quality machine is suitable for water supplying, pressure boosting and circulating water processing systems that need intelligent control, such as solar energy, small air conditioner, household water supply, heating/ventilating, geothermic source, air source, automatic control of water level, etc.

1. This circulation pump adopts cast aluminum motor casing, engineering plastic impeller, wear-resisting ceramic shaft, mirror finished can, EPDM sealing part, integrated control box with compact structure, etc.
2. Canned structure is applied, and the rotor and stator are cooled by the circulating liquid between them. Wet rotor structure is also used.
3. Conventional product realizes the purpose of speed regulation by the manual 3-stage switch, but our product uses intelligent control module which can achieve the automatic electronic speed adjustment according to the liquid level, line pressure, flow rate and input signal of system. In addition, this electronic speed adjusting device can be designed and produced according to the customer’s requirements.
4. This product is environment friendly, and it also has the advantages of ultra low noise, no leakage, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, reliable performance and others.

Working Conditions
1. Fluid temperature range: 2℃~110℃
2. Ambient temperature range: 0℃~40℃
3. Max. working pressure: 10 bar
4. Inlet pressure: >0.005Mpa
5. Pumped liquid requirements: Thin, clean, non-corrosive and non-explosive liquid. Fiber, solid particle and mineral oil should not be included. In addition, flammable liquids, such as gasoline and diesel oil, mustn’t be transported.

Model Instruction
XPS 20-6-130
130: Distance between inlet and outlet (mm).
Pipeline connection: F stands for flange, and if there is no letter, means thread.
6: Max. head (m).
20: Nominal diameter of suction inlet (mm).
S: Stepwise speed regulation. E: electronic speed regulation. H: Fixed time and temperature. When there is no letter, it means that only one rotation speed is available.
P: Single phase canned motor pump.
X: Common circulation type. B: automatic exhaust circulation type. Z: automatic booster type.

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