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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The STP whirlpool bath pump is mainly applied in pressure boosting for medium or large SPA pool and cleaning system of jetted bath tub, water circulating in fishery, decorative pool, water show and water processing, conveying the weak corrosive liquid like weak acid, weak alkali without solid granules. By the way, the applicable liquid temperature ranges from 5 to 60℃.

Features of Parts
1.Pump system

The STP whirling bath pump is the most mature product approved by users. It is equipped with the casing that features valid structural design, maximum flow, large head and low noise. Moreover, our product adopts the cap and filter that are easy for mounting and dismounting.

At the part for contacting with the liquid and the base, it chooses the high reinforced engineering plastic that is vibration and corrosion resistant. The mechanical seal technology keeps the product watertight while working for a long time continuously. Therefore, users prefer to select this product for sand filter and swimming pool.

2. Motor
The STP whirling bath pump is configured with an air cooling motor that is suitable for Europe. Structured with the aluminum frame, the motor features low noise, low vibration and high durability. Its insulation performance reaches Class F and the ingress protection gets IPX5. This single phase motor is mounted with the thermal protector from T1, keeping its safe and convenient operation.

1.SAA A/11421EA
2.CE certificate in EU
3.TUV certificate in Germany

Hydraulic Performance Curve

Technical Parameters

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