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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Brief Introduction
Our WP petrol engine driven pump is configured with superior petrol engine and die casting aluminum casing. The cast iron and plastic casings can be selected based on the demands of users. Apart from the high lift performance and large flux, the product is well sealed mechanically to improve its reliability. Moreover, the specially designed frame offers firm protection and makes the product easy for carrying.

With the stable performance, the WP petrol engine driven pump is able to pumping the dust at the height of 8m. It is widely applied in the irrigation of farmland and rice field, water supply for orchard and pond, water supply and drainage of fish farm, cleaning livestock, house or gardening tools, conveying water to reservoir and other application in specific purposes.

Users can choose the proper power corresponding to our product in different types. In addition, our product also includes the diesel engine pump, small generator set, etc.

Operating Conditions
Suction lift: 8m
Liquid temperature: +40℃
Ambient temperature: Up to+ 40℃
Max. Working pressure: 3bar

Gasoline engine type: 152F/168F/188F
Working speed: n=3600r.p.m
Cylinder: Single cylinder
Stroke: 4-stroke
Cooling mode: Air cooled
Ignition system: Transistorized magneto ignition
Starting system: Recoil or electric starter

Pump body: Aluminum
Engine support: Aluminum, cast iron
Impeller: Cast iron
Mechanical seal: Ceramic-graphite or ceramic-carbide alloy

Technical Parameters

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