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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The QL high pressure washer pump is extensively applied in washing cars, baseboards, breeding plant and other occasions. With high configuration, it is classified with two types including the directly connected type and the belt driven type. Our product is also equipped with high pressure limiting device, safety valve device, easy star system, pressure display device and high precision filter mesh. It is environment friendly and is the national generalized high-tech product.

Features of QL-290
This QL-290 high pressure washer pump adopts the single phase electric motor to drive the piston pump with double cylinders through the coupling. It is characterized by low mechanical power consumption, compact structure, small volume, high pressure, rapid and efficient self-suction, etc. Moreover, the product is very light for convenient transportation, reducing the labor intensity.

Features of QL-390
This type of product is equipped with single phase electric motor for activating the piston pump of three cylinders via couplings. Functioning low consumption of mechanical power, compact structure, small volume, high pressure and large flux, the product chooses the leakage circuit breaker and works with high efficiency. It is also easy for moving, lessening the labor intensity of users.

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