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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Single stage single suction vertical/horizontal centrifugal pump is designed according to the technical parameters regulated by our enterprise standard of Q/SG112, and our experience of long-term production also plays an important role. The flow rate range of this new product is 1.5~1200m3/h, and the lift height varies from 5m to 165m. Meanwhile, this machine can be divided into common type, flow expanding type, A, B, C cutting type and other types with a total number of over 400. It is widely used in narrow space, and can also take the place of conventional centrifugal pump under most conditions.

1. Our centrifugal pump has compact design, small volume as well as beautiful appearance, and the vertical structure allows it to take up only little floor area. Its center of gravity overlaps with the pump foot center, so the running stability and service life of our product are both improved.
2. The inlet and outlet have a same diameter, and they are in the same center line. As a result, this machine can be installed at any position of pipeline just like a valve. So, convenient installation is achieved. In addition, if the motor is equipped with rain cover, our product is suitable for outdoor use. The installation footing is also applied, and it can enhance the stability.
3. Our pump allows low noise, stable running as well as high concentricity of components. The motor and pump are coaxial which simplifies the intermediate structure and improves the stability of working. On the other hand, the impeller shows good balance property, and it features small vibration and low noise. Thus, the service life of bearing is extended, and the working environment is also improved.
4. The shaft seal uses mechanical seal which is made of wear resisting materials, such as hard alloy and SiC. In this way, the leaking problem is solved, and the service life is also prolonged.

Working Conditions
1. The maximum pressure of the pump is 1.6Mpa, which means that the total pressure of inlet pressure and closed valve pressure (Q=0) is not over 1.6Mpa. The hydrostatic test pressure is 2.5Mpa. Please specify the working pressure when making the order, and if the working pressure of pump system is over 1.6Mpa, please let us know and we will use cast steel to produce overflowing parts and connection parts.
2. Ambient temperature: ≤40℃
3. Relative humidity: ≤95%
4. Altitude: ≤1000 meters.
5. Medium temperature: ≤80℃, hot water type: ≤103℃
6. Applicable medium requirements: Clean water, and the volume content of insoluble solid should not exceed 0.1%, and granularity should not over 0.2mm.

Y2 series totally enclosed fan-cooled squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor
1. Voltage: 380V
2. Frequency: 50Hz
3. Protection rating: IP54
4. Insulation class: F
5. Installation method: V1, B3

The common type of this centrifugal pump is suitable for bathroom, water supply and drainage for city and industry, sprinkling irrigation for garden, pressurizing for fire extinguishing device, long distance water supply, refrigerating cycle of heating and ventilating system and other pressurizing equipment.

The hot water type is used for energy field, chemical industry, textile industry, papermaking factory, heating circulation system in city, pressurized hot water circulation system in hotel, etc.

Model Instruction
SGL (R) - 80 - 160 (I) (A) (B) (C)
SGL: Single stage single suction vertical centrifugal pump
(R): Hot water type
80: Inlet and outlet diameters (mm)
160: Nominal diameter of impeller (mm)
(I): Flow expanding type
(A): First-cut impeller
(B): Second-cut impeller
(C): Third-cut impeller

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