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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

SGT centrifugal pump uses cast iron to produce pump body and impeller, and the motor bracket is made of HT200/cast iron. The motor shaft is made of SS304 and CS45# while the raw material for mechanical seal is silicon carbide-graphite, and copper winding is also used. In addition, the 304 and 45# steel are used to make rotor shaft through welding process. Our product is manufactured according to the standard of EN733 (ex DIN24255), and the flanges of inlet and outlet meet the requirements of UNI 2236 and UNI 2532.

This product has a maximum flow range of 20-38m3/h and a maximum head of 21-70m. The overflowing part is processed with electrophoresis treatment which can ensure the antirust property, and the post tensioning structure realizes the replacements of impeller, main shaft, bearing as well as mechanical seal without disassembling the machine body, inlet and outlet pipelines during maintenance. On the other hand, the pump and motor are directly linked which allows a shorter length, so vibration and noise caused by poor link are both avoided.

Hydraulic Performance Curve

Technical Parameters

The applicable liquid should be clean, thin, non corrosive, non explosive and non inflammable, for example, clean water without abrasive particles. Relying on the outstanding performance, this centrifugal pump is mainly used for cleaning equipment, irrigation for garden, pressurizing for pipeline, hot/cold water circulation, water supply for different boilers, pressurized water supply for high-rise building, refrigerating cycle of heating and ventilating system, pressurized circulation for cold and hot water in bathroom, etc. Additionally, our product should be installed in enclosed place, or be protected against severe weather at least.

Working Conditions
1. Suction lift: Up to 8 meters
2. Liquid temperature: Up to +60℃
3. Ambient temperature: Up to +40℃
4. Max. working pressure: 8 bar

1. 2-pole motor: 50Hz
2. Insulation class: B
3. Protection rating: IP55

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