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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The multi-stage deep well submersible pump is used to drain or pressurize water, and it is suitable for area with low water height, such as garage, water collecting pool, irrigation system, drinkable water supplying, etc.

Our product features medium flow and high lift height. It has a built-in motor under which lie the pump components, and the sucked water flows through the motor casing which guarantees the excellent cooling effect of the motor. The new technology, full head hydraulic design, is applied, and the overload problem of motor is avoided. The single phase pump is equipped with float valve, and automatic water drainage is achieved. In addition, the maximum outer diameter is 126mm.

Hydraulic Performance Curve

Technical Parameters

Control Box

1. External pump body: Stainless steel
2. Suction strainer: Stainless steel
3. Impeller and diffusers: Nylon/stainless steel/PPO
4. Bearing brackets: Cast iron
5. Shaft: Stainless steel
6. Shaft with rotor: Stainless steel
7. Motor housing: Stainless steel
8. Mechanical seal: Ceramic-graphite

Working Conditions
1. Submersion depth: Up to 20 meters
2. Liquid temperature: Up to 40℃
3. Ambient temperature: Up to +40℃
4. Max. sand content: 150g/m3

1. 2 pole induction motor
2. Single-phase/three-phase: 50Hz.
3. Insulation class: B
4. Protection rating: IP X8
5. Outlet diameter: 1.25"
6. Built-in capacitor and overload motor protection

Model Instruction
NK m 3 / 3
3: Impeller number
3: Rated flow (m3/h)
m: Single-phase. If there is no m, it means that it is three-phase.
NK: Model code.

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