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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

4SS(m) 4" deep well pump contains two parts including submersible pump and single/three phase oil filled submersible motor, and the oil used is food grade white machinery oil. The submersion depth is as large as 70 meters, and the maximum outer diameter reaches up to 98mm. The flow and head ranges are 2~8m3/h and 20~300m, respectively, and the outlet diameter is G1.25~1.5. Meanwhile, the external capacitor and thermal protector are equipped with the single phase motor, and control box is also used.

Stainless steel is used to produce many important parts of our product, for example, casing, impeller, shaft, outlet, etc. In addition, the seat is 4 inches. This pump is widely used for different practical conditions in production and daily life, such as water lifting from deep well, pressurized water supply for high place, sprinkling irrigation for garden and agriculture, etc.

Working Conditions
1. The voltage and frequency of power supply should be in accordance with the requirements on the nameplate, and the voltage fluctuation range is ±10%.
2. Submersion depth range: 5~70 meters
3. Sufficient water should be supplied.
4. Pumped medium: Clean water. Its temperature should be lower than 40℃, and the PH value should be within the range of 6.5~8.5. The volume content of the solid impurities is not higher than 0.1%, and the granularity of solid particles is lower than 0.2mm.

This pump uses oil filled submersible motor, the frequency is 50/60Hz, and the power range is 0.37~7.5kW. The single phase voltage is 110V/220V, and the three phase voltage is 220V/380V.

Model Instruction

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