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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

6SS 6" deep well pump contains two parts, submersible pump and three phase oil filled submersible motor. This motor is in accordance with NEMA standard, and the filled oil is food grade white machinery oil. The major characteristics of our product are medium-high flow and high head, and the flow and head ranges are 17~60m3/h and 20~280m, respectively. Laser welding technique is used to weld the stainless steel, and the advanced stamping process ensures the outstanding hydraulic performance. In addition, the maximum outer diameter is 145mm, and the outlet diameter is G3.

On the other hand, the pump components have sectional structure, and stainless steel impeller and other overflowing components possess the advantages of light weight, good wear resisting property as well as anti-rust property. The structural parts are made of cast iron, and stainless steel is used to produce casing, pump body, impeller, shaft, outlet, etc. In addition, the seat is 6 inches. Due to these great features, our product is suitable for production and daily life, such as water lifting from deep well, pressurized water supply for high place, sprinkling irrigation for garden and agriculture, etc.

Working Conditions
1. Submersion depth range: 5~70 meters
2. Sufficient water is needed.
3. The voltage and frequency of power supply should meet the requirements on the nameplate, and the voltage fluctuation range is ±10%.
4. Pumped medium: Clean water. Its temperature should be lower than 40℃, and the PH value should be within the range of 6.5~8.5. The volume content of the solid impurities is not higher than 0.1%, and the granularity should not over 0.2mm.

Our pump uses three phase oil filled submersible motor, and the power range is 4~18.5kW. The voltage is 380~415V, and the frequency is 50Hz.

Model Instruction

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