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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

WZB self-priming peripheral pump mainly contains three parts, motor, water pump and sealing parts. The motor is single phase asynchronous type, and the brass impeller is peripheral. The single mechanical seal for motive seal adopts SiC/graphite/nitrile butadiene rubber, and oil resisting rubber ring is used as the static seal for rabbet.

As indicated by its name, this product has self-priming function, and it should be filled with water for the first use, then this process is not required. Meanwhile, it shows the advantages of big suction height and low power, and the applicable medium includes clean water as well as non-aggressive liquids without sand or other solid impurities. In addition, the power, maximum flow and maximum head ranges are 0.37~1.1kW, 2~5m3/h and 30~50m, respectively.

Hydraulic Performance Curve

Technical Parameters

Relying on these features, this peripheral pump is widely used in breeding industry, water lifting from well, irrigation for garden, pressurizing for pipeline, water supply for vegetable greenhouse and family life, etc. This machine should be installed in enclosed place, otherwise, it should be protected against severe weather at least.

1. Pump body: Cast iron
2. Motor bracket: Aluminum or cast iron
3. Impeller: Brass
4. Shaft with rotor: Stainless steel or CS45#
5. Mechanical seal: Silicon carbide-graphite
6. Copper winding

Working Conditions
1. Suction height: Up to 8 meters
2. Liquid temperature: Up to 40℃
3. Ambient temperature: Up to 40℃
4. Max. working pressure: 6 bar

1. 2-pole induction motor: 50Hz
2. Protection rating: IP44
3. Insulation class: B
4. With capacitor and thermal overload protection

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