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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

WQXD stainless steel submersible sewage pump has a vortex impeller, and it is designed for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Our product is suitable for industrial waste water in factory, and it can also drain sewage from hotel, garage, sprinkler system as well as building basement.

Hydraulic Performance Curve

Technical Parameters

Installation and Size

1. Pump body: Cast iron
2. Motor bracket: Stainless steel
3. Impeller: Cast iron or brass
4. Motor shaft: SS316 with CS45#, 2Cr13
5. Mechanical seal: Ceramic-graphite, silicon carbide-carbide alloy
6. Copper winding

Working Conditions
1. Submersion depth: 5 meters
2. Liquid temperature: Up to +40℃
3. Ambient temperature: Up to +40℃
4. Max. working pressure: 6 bar
5. Allowed suspended solid size: Up to 43mm

1. 2-pole induction motor
2. Single/three phase: 50Hz
3. Insulation class: E
4. Protection rating: IP X8
5. Single phase motor with capacitor and thermal overload protector

Model Instruction
WQDS 15 - 9 - 1.1 CB
Cutting impeller
Rated power (kW)
Rated head (m.
Rated flow (m3/h)
Model code (no D for three-phase)

Structural Sketch

1. Cable
2. Top cover
3. Deep groove ball bearing
4. Stator winding
5. Rotor
6. Mechanical seal
7. Framework oil seal
8. Impeller
9. Bottom case
10. Handle
11. Upper bearing block
12. Float switch
13. Motor bracket
14. Oil chamber
15. Oil chamber cover
16. Pump body

1. Cable
2. Deep groove ball bearing
3. Rotor
4. Mechanical seal
5. Framework oil seal
6. Pump cover
7. Handle
8. Top cover
9. Motor bracket
10. Stator winding
11. Oil chamber
12. Impeller
13. Pump body
14. Bottom case

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