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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

DWE cast iron submersible sewage pump contains 22 models, 4 of them belong to DWE-M series, 4 belong to DWE-C series, and DWE-V and DWE-B series have 6 and 8 models, respectively. The DWE-M is single phase product with 220V/60Hz, and the rest models are three phase with 380V/60Hz, but these 18 models can be reconnected into three phase type with 220V/60Hz as well. In addition, the single phase products are equipped with thermal protector while the three phase one aren’t.

This sewage pump has cast iron structure, and the rotor shaft is made of CS45# for the models with power of 2 hp or lower, and stainless steel 2Cr13 are used to produce rotor shaft for models with power of 3 hp or higher. The circlip for hole is set on the lower bearing block to prevent the bearing from axial sliding except the single phase products, and the axial seal has a structure of double mechanical seal and framework oil seal. There is no specialized upper bearing block for all the models, so the upper bearing is installed on the head cover. In addition, coupled connector can be equipped.

Technical Parameters

Working Conditions
1. Submersion depth: ≤5 meters
2. Liquid temperature: ≤+40℃
3. PH range of liquid: 4~10
4. Max. liquid density: 1.2×103kg/m3
5. Voltage fluctuation range: ±10% of rated value
6. Applicable medium: Liquid with mud, sand, short fiber, paper scrap and other particles and soft solids. For example, mud water, grey water, sewage, excrement, domestic wastewater, etc.

According to the applicable medium, this pump is the ideal product for building construction, desilting of pool as well as irrigation and drainage for agriculture. Meanwhile, it is also suitable for industry, mine, environment protection and other fields. In addition, it can’t be used in circumstances that require anti-explosion property.

1. 2-pole motor
2. Single phase: 220V/60Hz, three phase: 380V/60Hz
3. Insulation class: B
4. Protection rating: IP X8

Model Instruction
1. DWE-15B
DWE: Submersible sewage pump
15: Motor power 1500W
B: Small gap (the gap between impeller and base is 0.5~0.8mm), multi-blade, half-open impeller
2. DWE-15C
DWE: Submersible sewage pump
15: Motor power 1500W
C: Small gap (the gap between impeller and base is 0.5~0.8mm), single blade (single channel), half-open impeller
3. DWE-15V
DWE: Submersible sewage pump
15: Motor power 1500W
V: peripheral type, multi-blade, half-open impeller
4. DWE-08M(F)
DWE: Submersible sewage pump
08: Motor power 750W
M: Single phase
F: Single phase with float switch

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