Application Cases

In October, 2011, Sany Heavy Industry purchased our BL and SGL products with a total number of 150 sets for the water supply system in the factory. >> More

In 2008, we finished water supply project for the National Library of China, and 6 pieces of equipment were applied, including CDLF pump, SGK pump, control device. >> More

In February, 2011, we successfully handed over the factory water supply project to Unilever (China), and the major machines were two sets of variable frequency water supply equipment. >> More

The sewage treatment project for Western Returned Scholars Association was completed in 2007, involving WQ pump, SGL pump, SGK pump and others, and the total number was 12. >> More

In July, 2011, the smell removing project for main exhibition hall of Shenzhen Universiade was put into use. >> More

In March, 2012, National Environmental Industrial Park bought our fire pump and no negative pressure water supply equipment with a total number of 10 sets, and they are used for fire fighting and no negative pressure water supply system. >> More