Social Responsibility

As a member of the society, Shimge knows and deeply believes that the meaning of an enterprise is creating value for the society and taking corresponding social responsibility.

In our mind, the most important social responsibility for a company is providing customers with high quality product and service, and this philosophy guides all the business activities. The purpose of an enterprise is gaining profit, but it should be achieved by creating value for the society, so we keep moving in the way of innovation and progress. For Shimge, our primary social responsibility is creating value for customers through technical innovation and perfect service.

A lot of attention is paid to our product, service and business activities to make sure that they won't exert negative influence over environment, community, customer as well as our working staff. We are trying our best to maximize the common benefit of the environment, community, customer and working staff, and to realize sustainable development.

Of course, we remember that some people at some place need our help, and we will back up them to pay back to the society.

All our activities are not based on temporary or arbitrary idea or decision, but we are engaged to setting up a system to ensure that every movement meets our long term goal. This system includes ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, performance management, etc. In addition, we have also obtained the national safety production certificate of class 2. These system and standard guarantee the comprehensiveness, continuity and effectiveness of our management.

Product and Technology
We promote technical innovation to cut down energy consumption, and to save resource, realizing the sustainable development of the society. Efficient motor, variable frequency drive, CFD simulation analysis and other advanced techniques are adopted which make our product more efficient and more energy saving, and our new APS series circulation pump shows world class EEI of 0.2, meeting the requirement of EuP. In addition, we also have an independent RoHS laboratory to guarantee that our product can satisfy relevant requirements of RoHS standard.

As most of the leading pump suppliers in the world, we also try to integrate more technical achievements on the product to save more energy. For example, by using on-line monitoring system as well as control system for pressure, temperature and liquid level, our product can realize intelligent running according to working environment and customized requirement. As a result, the energy consumption and energy waste are reduced to a large extent. On the other hand, we are also the advocate of energy saving technology in the pump industry in China, and we are responsible for the whole industry and society. So, we have drafted many national standards for energy consumption in this industry, and the unit energy consumption of Chinese pump is cut down.

Production and Operation
During production and operation, we take advantages of sewage, slag and waste gas treatment systems that are totally in accordance with Chinese laws, and the waste treatment is qualified. Meanwhile, environment monitoring system is set in every workshop to make sure that the production won't do damage to workers or environment.

We are focused on the improvement of production materials and techniques continuously, and more environmental friendly materials and techniques are applied to optimize the influence of production process and product itself on customers and environment. For example, water-based paint is sprayed on the product surface instead of oil-based paint, which significantly lowers the unhealthy impact of finished product on customers as well as production process on workers.

In modern society, land resource is becoming more and more precious, and the Chinese government clarifies that the farm land area should be no less than 1200 billion square meters as regulated in the law. Considering this, we fulfill the duty of a Chinese enterprise with our actual movements. We invest some money to reconstruct the existing buildings continuously, so, the production area is enlarged, and the production capacity is improved, but the required land is not increased.

Our company is also the pioneer for new energy, and is trying to use clean and regenerable energy to cut down energy consumption for the operation process. For example, our production base and branch company take advantage of natural light to a large extent, which greatly cut down the lights-on time in production. Meanwhile, solar energy is used for heating, and a lot of electricity is saved.

Working Staff
Working staff is the core part for our company, and many steps are carried out to ensure the physical safety and mental comfort. In this way, our working staff can create extra value.

Depending on different job types, all the workers are provided with perfect labor protection as regulated by the Chinese law. Meanwhile, based on relevant law, child laborers are not employed, and women are arranged with jobs that are suitable for them. In addition, a three-level safety training system is set up, from company to department to shift, and every worker knows well about the job required skills and safety knowledge.

A very special point is that we build up a system which stimulates our employees to take part in the safety management system spontaneously, such as fireman on duty, 6S activity, etc. The employees are asked to experience these activities, and the safety culture is gradually accepted.

Individual development is very important, so an effective training system comes into being to help the development for every employee, including internal training, external training, class type, experience type, etc. In particular, there is a platform for showing the talents of all employees, and independent thinking and experience are very helpful for the individual development. For example, we have held quality control circle and a program encouraging the working staff to propose reasonable suggestions. With the help of this program and other activities, over one hundred people obtain improved working ability, raised salary or even a promotion.

Aside from the physical safety, we are also concentrated on the mental heath of our staff. So, we try to create comfortable working environment and living quarter, such as office, workshop, canteen, dormitory, sports place, reading room, leisure and entertainment sites, etc. On the other hand, we also arrange tour, skill competition, evening party and other entertainment activities to make the spare time of employees very colorful. As a result, our employees are very energetic when returning back to work.