Technical Research

Shimge Pump has established a technical research center since its foundation to improve the development efficiency, to enhance the technology content, and to build up core competitiveness. Now, this center has more than 100 technical staff, including 3 individuals with doctoral degrees, 15 individuals with master degrees, 5 senior engineers, and 30 engineers with titles above intermediate level. These members are specialized in different fields, such as researching, processing, engineering, marketing and others. So, this research team is well organized.

Shimge Zhibeng is our technical center located in Hangzhou, and it is dedicated to the research of efficient motor as well as control, communication and new energy technologies for pumps. Meanwhile, researches for medium and high end products are also carried out.

The technical research center introduces product data management software, namely PDM, to realize product data management for the entire service life, and the research cycle is greatly reduced.This center has built up long-term and extensive technical cooperation with some domestic research institutes in many universities, such as China Agricultural University, University of Jiangsu, Zhejiang University, etc. In 2010, a postdoctoral research station was founded which improved the technical innovation ability and promoted the combination of production, learning and research. As a result, the technical progress is carried forward, and the conversion of scientific and technological achievements is also speeded up.

Our research center is guided by the company strategy, and is aimed at "reinforce our platform, create core technology, focus on production process, serve production market, concentrate on customer value, lead market needs". Once our product is researched, a lot of attention will be paid to completing relevant techniques to realize mass production, and this is taken as our research strategy. In this way, technical research rapidly promotes the development of production industry.