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WQ-QG Grinder Pump

Performance Range 

Max. Flow: 20m3/h
Max. Head: 28

Application Limits

1. Maximum liquid temperature +40℃
2. pH level from 4-10
3. Maximum liquid density 1.2×103kg/m3
4. Power frequency is 50Hz. Nominal voltage is 220VAC for single phase and 380VACfor three phase with the range from -10% to 10%.
5. Immersion depth from 0.5m-5m


Application Fields 

Suitable for pumping domestic wastewater, draining industrial wastewater, digester sewage, aquaculture sewage, etc.


1. The half-opening impeller of wear-resisting material QT450-10, the pump body and motor bracket are all durable for cast iron material.
2. With 95 cr18 (SUS440C) cutting knife which can cut up the objects.
3. Stainless steel shaft extension, carbide double-side mechanical sealing.

Optional Available on Request

Other voltage or frequency is 60Hz

Performance Curves
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